25 Best Scratch Games (2024)

MIT’s Scratch coding platform is an amazing way for kids to get started with coding. Its drag-and-drop interface is easy to learn and use, plus there is an abundance of resources built into the platform to learn coding for kids. It’s also a great place to play games, which is why we’ve rounded up the 25 best scratch games for kids.

It’s available for multiple platforms like browser, desktop application, or iPad app. This means you can play or work on projects learning how to make a Scratch game even without having previous coding experience.

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But one of my all-time favorite features of the platform is being able to remix the best games on Scratch and open up their code to see how they work. If you’re interested in understanding code, or if you just want some awesome Scratch games to play, we have a list of 25 of the best Scratch games out there.

As a bonus for you to enjoy and to inspire ideas, I’ve also added in some of the best games on Scratch for different age groups that didn’t make the top list!

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List of The 25 Best Scratch Games

Popular games in Scratch – side scroller, clicker, platformer games, and more!

Our list of the 25 best Scratch games out there isn’t simply those on Scratch with the most hearts. Having a lot of hearts doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best game! Instead, this is a curated list of 25 certifiably awesome Scratch games that I’ve put together for you. From most hearts to least, here they are:

1. Geometry Dash! (410082 hearts)

Geometry dash is a pro-level Scratch project. This is a version of the popular rhythm-based game by Robert Topala ported to Scratch. Jump over obstacles to get as far as you can!

2. Appel (109470 hearts)

Appel is a great example of what’s possible in a Scratch platformer game. Jump, dodge, and collect as quickly as you can as you compete against other Scratchers to get the best time!

3. Pokemon Clicker (42842 hearts)

Click your way to getting every pokemon in this popular clicker game. Keep clicking to get points that you can use to upgrade your pokeballs, and collect popular pokemon to become the very best.

4. Ball Blast (37734 hearts)

This one is probably my favorite Scratch game to play! Fire the cannon into the air to break the balls before they crush you. Also be sure to upgrade your cannon to help you get farther.

5. [3D]ボールころころ2 (30659 hearts)

Don’t be confused by the name, this is actually a really fun game! In this Scratch project, keep your ball on the platform as it rolls towards the end. The colored squares make you jump.

6. Paper Minecraft (26550 hearts)

A lot of popular Scratch games use themes that copy established properties, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t fun in their own right. Paper Minecraft is a side-scrolling adventure and crafting game that makes good use of the Minecraft theme.

7. Fortnite Z (21856 hearts)

A top down Fortnite-style shooting game. Collect weapons and try to outlast your enemies. The last one standing wins!

8. Mystic Valley (21529 hearts)

An extremely well done platformer game with fun graphics and icons. Jump on baddies and collect coins as you race to the end. Try to get the best time!

9. Flip 3D (17888 hearts)

A 3D puzzle game that is well loved in the Scratch community. Move the prism around the board without falling off or landing on a red square. Get to the purple square to move on to the next level. A lot of amazing work went into this one!

10. Animate a Name Platformer (15786 hearts)

I love the way this popular platformer innovates on the genre. Instead of a single character, you control all the letters in the developer’s name. Collect as many stars as you can, while trying not to lose any letters along the way!

11. Random Tycoon Thing (15056 hearts)

Click the button to build toys to sell, upgrade your facilities, and get the high score in this tycoon game. After you’re done playing, check out the underlying code to see how it all goes together.

12. Old Western Way (14289 hearts)

Try to make your way by mining, hunting, fishing and more. Sell your goods, buy upgrades and watch out for bandits! After all, this is the old west.

13. Tower Defense Game (12779 hearts)

Place towers along the path to destroy the invading army. The more enemies you destroy, the more money you earn and the better towers you can buy.

14. Tower of Scratch (11509 hearts)

Play against other Scratchers as you climb the tower and try to avoid the baddies. Try to get the fastest time!

15. Animal Stacking (11205 hearts)

Stack blocks to avoid obstacles in this fun side scrolling game. Play as a variety of cute animals and level up to earn new skins.

16. Golf Battle (10579 hearts)

Pull back the mouse to let your golf ball fly as you try to make it to the hole. Obstacles and wrong turns await you in this short, but entertaining golfing game.

17. The Crusty Quest (10232 hearts)

Play as a pirate trying to get back your treasure. Jump, slash, and dodge your way through each level in this extremely well made platformer.

18. Hide and Seek (9491 hearts)

Run and hide before the seeker comes to find you! This Scratch game is best enjoyed with friends.

19. Fortnite Online (8331 hearts)

This one is a 2-dimensional version of the super popular shooter, Fortnite. Pick your weapons and try to outlast your opponents!

20. Slash Knight (8239 hearts)

Dodge obstacles and slash through baddies to make your way through each floor in this delightful dungeon crawler. Defeat the goblin on the last level to beat the game!

21. Farming Interactive 3 (7665 hearts)

Grow and sell your crops to become the most profitable farmer on Scratch. Upgrade your crops or hire workers to help get there faster.

22. Creature (6351 hearts)

This one is a horror themed adventure game, with an “escape room” kind of feel. Collect the pieces and use them to advance the plot, but don’t get caught by the creature!

23. Duel! (5821 hearts)

Jump, dodge, and shoot to win a duel against the enemy square. Earn coins from your battles to improve your character.

24. City Simulator (5602 hearts)

Use your resources to build up your city, but don’t forget to supply it with plenty of water and power. See how high you can get your population before you run out of supplies.

25. Spacevale (5525 hearts)

This one is a game in the vein of classic side-scrolling space shooters! Use the mouse to move your ship around the screen. Destroy your enemies while avoiding getting hit.

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25 Best Scratch Games (1)

Best Scratch Games for Elementary School

Elementary school is a great time to start learning how to make Scratch games. These are some of the best Scratch games for kids in grades 3-5. You’ll find excellent games to open up and see how things work on the inside. Give them a try and remix to code your own version!

EmeraldKart | Alpha 3 (464 hearts)
This one is still in development, but is shaping up to be a great example of a racing game! Choose your character and your track, and use the WASD keys to win the race.

Teamwork! (2347 hearts)
Control the separate characters with the WASD keys and the arrow keys. Navigate both characters to the goal flag to get to the next level.

Crumbling Platformer (3133 hearts)
Get across the screen before the ground crumbles below you. A fun and simple little game. Check out the code for making the block crumble!

Golformer (1783 hearts)
Try to get the golf ball into the hole in as few moves as possible. Control the strength and direction of your golf swing by moving the indicator away from the ball.

Upside Down (2466 hearts)
All the controls are backwards in this completely reversed platformer. See if you can overcome your own eyes and guide your character to safety.

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Best Scratch Games for Middle School

Looking for something a little more challenging? For kids in grades 6-8 try these options. These unique Scratch games have a little more polish, but are still great fun to take apart.

Tower Defense (3274 hearts)
This is a simple, but very well done tower defense style game. But what makes it one of the best Scratch games is that the creator has included a link to a YouTube tutorial to better explain how he made it!

Flappy Bird v1.6 (427 hearts)
A pretty good clone of the Flappy Bird game. Hit the spacebar to keep your bird in the air and avoid the pipes. Make sure to look at the code and see how it’s done!

Sticky Situation (1428 hearts)
Jump from wall to wall to avoid the spikes, and try to collect coins as you go. This one’s pretty challenging, but lots of fun.

Car Parking Simulator (2323)
Speaking as someone who can drive a car, this game is probably more difficult than it should be. Test your parking skills here!

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Best Scratch Games for High School

High school is a great time for learning real-world coding skills. For kids in grades 9-12, Scratch helps kids build a solid foundation in core concepts before studying text-based language. These are some of the best games on Scratch for peeking inside and seeing what the code in a polished game looks like. And, they’re a lot of fun to play.

Power Tower! (3296 hearts)
Power up your new computer by plugging the cord in on each level. But be careful! Electricity can be dangerous. This one is a really fun platformer, but it is definitely a challenge.

Partisan (2702 hearts)
Defend your land from invading pirates! Make use of your trusty axe to defeat the pirates and reclaim your territory.

Doom Dungeon 2 (5308 hearts)
Race the clock as you try to escape the dungeon! Each level has different challenges to overcome as you jump around the screen.

Illuysum (2520 hearts)
This one is a timing and rhythm style game in the vein of Guitar hero. Blocks fall from the sky and you have to press the buttons that match those blocks at the right time to score points.

Santa v Robots (2914 hearts)
I’m not quite sure this one counts as a Christmas game. Take control of Santa to shoot the robots. Destroy ten of the robots without taking damage in order to power up!

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Scratch Game Tutorials and Projects

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Download Free Printable Scratch Coding Tutorials PDF

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Scratch games out there, why don’t you show us what you’ve got? Head over to our Facebook group and share a link to the best Scratch games that you’ve made (or played). Not only are we interested in hearing from you, but we could also use something new to play!

If you want to learn more about building Scratch games, be sure to check out our Scratch coding classes for kids ages 8-10. Kids complete a fun Scratch project in every class, then advance to learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. These classes are a great introduction to the concepts of coding, and an absolute blast to attend.

Ready to level up your child’s learning experience? Take a coding class with CodeWizardsHQ:

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We’ll see you there!

25 Best Scratch Games (2024)
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