co*ckTAIL CRUISE | The Vida Mia | Honolulu Hawaii Boat Tours and Private Charters (2024)

If you are looking for an intimate co*cktail cruise, come join us for a sunset sail along the coastline of beautiful Waikiki. Our sunset sail offers great views of Diamond Head and other famous Hawaii landmarks. This coastal cruise is a great way to see Honolulu. We often see pods of dolphins, whales, and sea turtles. Guests are invited to tour the entire historic vessel and our knowledgeable crew is there to help pass on the rich history of the Vida Mia.

The Sunset Experience

If you are looking for a more intimate setting or a place to get away from the crowds, our sunset co*cktail cruise is the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening in Waikiki.

We are known all over the island for our outstanding customer service. Captain Ricky and his crew are standing by to whisk you off into the sunset with a co*cktail in hand. Guests often remark that every cruise feels like a private charter.

This is an ideal cruise if you have dinner plans later in the evening.

A few places that are within walking distance from the boat are Dukes, Beachhouse at the Moana, Mahina and Sons, Monkey Pod Kitchen and Pesca at the Ilikai Hotel.

If you are looking for a dinner cruise, please join us on Friday nights for our

Fresh Catch Friday Fireworks Cruise.


Your ticket includes light pupus that pair nicely with our seasonal co*cktail menu. We serve our menu family style and pride ourselves in offering an exciting culinary experience on all of our cruises. Expect a selection of items such as crue de tate, ginger chicken skewers and Hawaiian fish ceviche.

co*cktail Menu

We offer a wide selection of craft co*cktails. We only use fresh organic local fruit, custom-made syrups, and the best ingredients for all of our co*cktails. We also have an exciting mocktail menu for our non-alcoholic drinkers. We offer full bar service with a selection of local whiskeys, rum, gin, tequila and vodka. Fresh ginger beer mocktails and dark and stormy's are some of our guest favorites. All of our co*cktails are prepared fresh by our world-class crew throughout the duration of the cruise.

What to Expect

Expect an intimate evening and gorgeous sunset views, light winds and a friendly staff. Departure times are planned seasonally according to the sunset times. It is our goal to give our guests the best experience and the vest views possible, so please double check departure times before you check out.

Though we often see marine life as we crusie out, expect to see whales during the months of November - April.

Departs from Waikiki

We depart from the Ala Wai Small Boat Harbor in Waikiki. We then embark on a leisurely 90-minute tour along the coast of Honolulu. Guests are back in the harbor by nightfall. But we've been known to stay out a bit longer if we catch a shooting star or see a pod of dolphins nearby. The sunset co*cktail cruise is a favorite for many local residents and members of our boating community because of our laid-back friendly vibe. It's a great way to end another beautiful island day. The closest landmark is the Hilton Hawaiian Village Lagoon.


Our captains will select the route based on conditions to optimize the guest experience. We typically take a leisurely cruise along the coastline of Waikiki and motor towards Diamond Head where guests will experience remarkable views of this iconic natural landmark. We turn about halfway through the cruise and set the boat in a calm location to get optimal views of the sunset. Please note that ocean conditions may slightly affect the route.

Private Charters

If you are coming to Hawaii with a large group, consider booking one of our private charters. For private cruises, please visit our private charter page. For special events, please visit our events section.


Guests love our sunset dinner cruises. For our sunset dinner cruise, please join us for Fresh Catch Fridays - a local favorite featuring live entertainment, and a full dinner menu selection. Guests and Local residents hold us as one of the best activities in Waikiki.


Please note that our cruises book up well in advance. If the date you'd like to join us is not available, consider joining us for a coffee cruise in the morning. Our coffee cruise is consistently voted one of the best activities in Hawaii. Coffee cruises depart daily at 7:00am and 10:00am. For more information on our coffee cruise, please visit us here.

co*ckTAIL CRUISE | The Vida Mia | Honolulu Hawaii Boat Tours and Private Charters (2024)
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