The Sweetest Honey Recipes (2024)

Nature's sweetest nectar brings fresh flavor to recipes for desserts, salads, main dishes and marinades.

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Rosemary-Balsamic Peaches with Honey and Whipped Ricotta

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (1)

You can have this elegant, summery dessert on the table in 25 minutes flat. (Whipping ricotta for a minute transforms its texture from slightly grainy to creamy and buttery. Don't be tempted to skip this step!)

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Honey Vinegar Pie

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (2)

It's all in a name, right? That's what Cincinnati chef Lou Ginocchio discovered when Honey Vinegar Pie sent customers' heads spinning. "No one was expecting a pie with vinegar in its name to be this luxurious."

Make Your Best Pie Ever

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Honey Butter Thins

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (3)

We created these slightly chewy cookies for pairing with a mug of tea—and for that, they are simple and perfect. But when we tested the recipe, we also thought they’d also be great as an ice cream sandwich. Your choice.

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Honey Fruit Salad

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (4)

A simple dressing of honey, orange juice and shredded orange peel adds just the right amount of sweet-citrus flavor to a bowl of fruit.

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Squash Blossom Pizza with Honey and Ricotta

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (5)

The voluptuous blossoms that eventually turn into zucchini, pumpkins or other squash have a delicate flavor—squashy, really—that plays well with herbs and mild cheese. Buy them at farmers markets or snip them in your garden to try on this beautiful, delicious homemade pizza.

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Sriracha Honey Butter

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (6)

A natural with corn on the cob, this sweet and spicy butter sauce would be equally good spooned over cornbread, baked sweet potato or roasted Brussels sprouts. The recipe comes from Chef Camp in northern Minnesota.

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Honey-Sriracha Grilled Chicken Thighs

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (7)

Sweet and spicy! You only need five ingredients and a hot grill for a delicious weeknight entrée.

Chicken Thigh Recipes to Try Tonight

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Honey-Rosemary Shortbread Cookies

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (8)

Chicago Chef Myk Banas created these utterly delicious and subtly sophisticated cookies.

The Midwest's Best Cookie Recipes

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Honey-Sage Sweet Potatoes, Pears and Walnuts

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (9)

A colorful mixture of sweet potatoes, red onion and pears blend with sage and sweet honey in this roasted side.

Easy Roasted Vegetable Recipes

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Lemon-Herb Grilled Chicken

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (10)

Herbed lemon marinade cooks down with honey to a glossy, gorgeous glaze that gives this grilled chicken a golden color.

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Honeyed Lemonade Tea Peach

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (11)

Darjeeling tea has more floral notes than ordinary black tea. For a boozy drink, add a tablespoon of vodka, gin or bourbon to each glass before pouring in punch.

Sparkling Brunch co*cktails and Mocktails

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Honey Cream Scones

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (12)

Fresh thyme and finely shredded lemon or lime peel add delicate flavors to these soft scones. Serve warm, and drizzle with a little extra honey if you like.

Simple Recipes for Tender, Buttery Scones

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Honey-Bourbon Glazed Salmon

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (13)

Although this recipe takes very little hands-on cooking time, be sure to allow an hour to marinate the salmon so it absorbs all the flavors of the sweet-and-salty marinade.

20 Favorite Salmon Recipes

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Fingerling Potato Salad with Honey-Thyme Vinaigrette

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (14)

"Potato salad is classic summer fare, but I rarely see one as light as this," says amateur beekeeper and chef Myk Banas of Chicago. The addition of fresh haricots verts gives it fresh-from-the-garden taste.

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Honey-Glazed Buttermilk Oatmeal Coffee Cake

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (15)

Turning this homey cake out of the pan reveals a honey glaze that baked at the bottom. Lemon juice and zest add a little zing.

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Carrot and Honey Upside-Down Minis

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (16)

Sweetly vying for a spot on a brunch table, these cinnamony whole-wheat cakes bake over nests of glazed carrots. Serve warm with extra honey for drizzling.

Favorite Breakfast and Brunch Recipes

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Feta, Honey and Date Spread

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (17)

This spread can be made ahead and stored in the fridge up to 3 days. For a flavorful dipper, brush pita wedges with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and thyme before toasting in oven.

Easy Dip Recipes

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Wisconsin Honey Bee and Vanilla Bean Pudding

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (18)

Jill Prescott, a Midwest cooking-school teacher, shared this dessert named for her home state.

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Orange-Honey Sweet Rolls

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (19)

The recipe for these hearty rolls comes from the Kansas Wheat Commission. They'll keep in an airtight container for a couple days, or you can freeze them (unfrosted) for up to 2 months. They're best served warm.

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Balsamic and Honey Pulled Pork Sliders

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (20)

For this delicious slow-cooker appetizer, a boneless pork shoulder roast cooks with vegetables and herbs until it's fork-tender. Combine with a homemade honey barbecue sauce for the last hour of cooking, then spoon onto sliders with coleslaw and chopped pickles.

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Cucumber-Honeydew Salad with Feta

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (21)

This healthy no-cook potluck salad is full of fruit and vegetable goodness. Feta adds a tang to the sweetness of honeydew melon, and a mix of lemon juice, olive oil, and honey coats it all. With only 20 minutes of prep time before an overnight chill, this recipe is great for parties.

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Pick-a-Flavor Honey-Wheat Muffins

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (22)

These weekday-friendly muffins are healthier than many, thanks to whole wheat flour and limited oil. The batter keeps well in the fridge, so if you like, bake just a couple of muffins at a time, for always-oven-fresh treats.

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Honey-Zucchini Bread

The Sweetest Honey Recipes (23)

Zucchini, raisins and walnuts pack nature's harvest into a quick bread sweetened with honey.

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The Sweetest Honey Recipes (2024)
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