What It Costs to Protect Your Pup With Dog Insurance (2024)

CompanyAverage Monthly Premium
Pets Best$59.19
Healthy Paws$61.91
Companion Protect$87.18

To find these average rates, we collected quotes using several hypothetical pet situations, which varied in terms of dog age, breed, and weight. Plan-specific factors varied widely, including deductibles, reimbursem*nt limits, and locations.

For example, the most expensive plans often featured a combination of $0 or low deductibles, no age limits, 100% reimbursem*nt levels, and no payout limits—even for older dogs. Less expensive plans may not offer accident and illness plans that cover older dogs, skewing the premiums lower.

Dog insurance costs may differ across companies for the same type of coverage and same coverage limits based on these factors and others.

When shopping for dog insurance, cost is an important consideration. However, every plan has its own benefits and disadvantages. The cheapest dog insurance plan might not be the best option for you. Shopping around and comparing plans is important to find one that fits your needs and budget.

Top 5 Dog Insurance Companies

Many reputable pet insurance companies sell coverage for dogs. However, some pet insurance companies are better than others. Here are the top five best dog insurance companies based on our evaluation of 17 pet insurance providers.


Figo offers illness and injury plans with 100% reimbursem*nt and no per-incident caps. Claim repayment happens in around 2.6 days, and dogs have no upper age limits. Plus, you can add coverage for wellness exams and veterinary exam costs.


Embrace’s dog insurance provides comprehensive coverage for many veterinary fees, including up to $1,000 in dental illness coverage per year. Unlike some other pet insurance companies, Embrace pays for your dog’s exam fees for all covered accidents and illnesses. You can also join Embrace’s Wellness Rewards program to get coverage for costs like routine veterinary care, dog training, supplements, and grooming costs.


ASPCA offers several dog insurance plans, including a preventative care add-on. Plans provide coverage for accidents, illnesses, behavioral issues, alternative therapies, prescription food and medications, and more. If you have multiple dogs or a dog and a cat, you can get a 10% discount on your plan when you insure more than one pet.


Nationwide sells accident-only, accident-and-illness, and wellness plans for dogs. If your dog needs medical attention, you can visit any animal hospital and use any veterinarian or specialist. You can also get access to a 24/7 veterinary hotline. Through Nationwide’s PetRxExpress program, you can save money on your pet’s medications when you fill the prescription through a Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy.


With Metlife pet insurance, you can get reimbursed for up to 100% of your dog’s veterinary care. MetLife has no breed exclusions or upper age limits, and your dog doesn’t need an initial exam or previous vet records for you to purchase coverage. In addition to accident-only and accident-and-illness plans, Metlife also sells an add-on preventative care policy.

Factors Influencing Cost

If you’re considering buying dog insurance, you might be wondering how much dog health insurance costs. Dog insurance premiums depend on several key factors, so the cost is different for each pet owner. Here are some of the biggest factors that impact dog insurance premiums.

Dog Breed

Some dog breeds are more expensive to insure than others. For example, mixed breeds are the cheapest to insure due to fewer inherited issues, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). Purebreds are more expensive to insure due to the higher probability of an expensive genetic condition that may be costly to treat. If your dog’s breed has known medical issues, like hip dysplasia or joint problems, you will probably pay more for pet insurance.

Dog Age

In general, older dogs are more expensive to insure than younger dogs. Older dogs are more likely to have health issues requiring veterinary care. Additionally, some pet insurance companies don’t offer illness insurance for dogs over a certain age.

Plan Type

The type of pet insurance plan you purchase will impact the cost. Accident-and-illness plans provide the most protection and are usually the most expensive. Accident-only plans are typically cheaper. If you add optional policies, like wellness coverage, your premium costs will increase.


When your pet receives covered veterinary care, your deductible is the cost you’re responsible for paying out-of-pocket. Choosing a high deductible will result in a lower monthly premium and vice versa. Some pet insurance companies offer $0 deductible plans with higher monthly premiums.

Reimbursem*nt Level

Dog insurance plans offer varying reimbursem*nt levels, which is the maximum percentage of your pet’s veterinary bill that you’ll get back. The higher the reimbursem*nt level, the more your plan will cost. Plans with 100% reimbursem*nt are the most expensive.

Insurance Company

Pet insurance companies often charge different rates for the same types and amounts of coverage. To find the most affordable plan with the coverage you want, shop around and compare quotes from several insurers.

How to Save Money on Dog Insurance

The cost of dog insurance can vary based on factors like age, breed, sex, and others. If you’re looking to save money on the cost of dog insurance, here are some ways to potentially reduce your premium:

  • Consider your dog’s needs: Think about how much coverage your dog realistically needs. An accident-and-illness plan provides the most coverage but is more expensive than an accident-only plan. If you think it’s unlikely your dog will suffer an illness, an accident-only plan can save you money.
  • Choose a higher deductible: Most pet insurance plans have a deductible. If you choose a high deductible, you will pay a lower monthly premium. Just ensure you can afford the deductible if your pet needs veterinary care.
  • Look for discounts: Some pet insurance companies offer discounts. For example, you might get a discount for insuring multiple pets or paying your annual premium in full.
  • Read the fine print: Ensure your breed's treatments are covered and investigate any other legalese that could reduce payments, including exclusions, pre-existing conditions, and waiting periods.
  • Get multiple quotes: Getting quotes from several pet insurance companies will help you find the most affordable pet insurance plan for your situation and coverage needs.

What Insurance Do You Need for a Dog?

Every dog has different insurance needs. For example, if your dog’s breed has known medical issues, you might want to choose a pet insurance plan that covers those conditions. If you want coverage for routine veterinary care, consider adding an optional wellness plan to your accident-and-illness or accident-only policy.

How Much Is an Annual Fee for a Dog Insurance Policy?

The average annual cost of dog insurance is around $1,058, based on our research. However, dog insurance premiums depend on many factors. Factors impacting cost include the insurance company, your location, the dog’s breed and dog age, and your plan deductible.

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost Per Month?

On average, dog insurance costs just over $88 per month, but premiums differ for every dog owner. To find the cheapest dog insurance, compare plan costs from several pet insurance companies but compare similar coverages, deductibles, and reimbursem*nt amounts.

What It Costs to Protect Your Pup With Dog Insurance (2024)
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